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We do commercial & Residential Floors. Each project presents its own design created to fit the location. We also do micro-toppings for floors that are not canidates for acid staining. Micro-Toppings give the floor a new surface which can be scored and stained.


  Our work has been featured in Midsouth Magazine and our technicians have assisted other staining contractors with their projects.

  Covantae's technicians have attended schhols, seminars and training from Product Manufacturers like Surecrete, National Concrete Technologies, Buddy Rhodes, Boulder Image, Flex Cement, American Concrete Institute and more.


What is acid staining? Acid staining is a method of changing the color of cement by creating a chemical reaction in the concrete. The chemical reaction is caused by the acid and metallic salt.

Will my concrete appear like the color shown on this web site? Due the different make up of the concrete, the stain may not exactly match the pictures shown. This fact enables your job to become one-of-a-kind!

How long will the staining last? If the stain is properly installed, it will not wear off unless you wear off the top layer of your concrete because the stain is in the floor not on it.

Do I have to sand the floor? No, but we do recommend that you do as to achieve the maximum penetration of the stain.

What is the best time to do the floors in a new construction application? We feel that after the electrician and the plumber are done, but before the drywall is installed. Allow approximately 3 to 5 days to Acid stain depending on the situation. You should cover the floor when you are finished with either builder felt or paper.

Do I need to get the paint off of my floor? Yes, anything that is on the floor that will stop the stain from making contact with the concrete needs to be removed.(oil, grease, glue,etc...) Why use a chemical stain as opposed to other methods of coloring concrete?

    Chemical staining is accomplished after the concrete is cured, therefore it can be applied to new or old concrete. For renovations as well as new construction. Floors can be saw cut and grouted to achieve the appearance of slate, marble or terra cotta tiles.

Floor Sealer/Finish

  A Sealer Finish combination designed to refreash and prime your old acid stained floor before applyingthe hard gloss coat

Covantae Hard Finish

  Bring back that beautiful high gloss shine today

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