For Acid Stains

You can fill out this form and it will give you a quote as soon as you hit the button. Use this page and have some fun with it. This is just a rough estimate. Our company does work in 200 mile radius of the Memphis,Tn area however you will find the prices given here will be pretty much market accross the states.

This price estimator makes it easy to estimate how much our services will cost you.  Just fill in the appropriate values and check which extra features you want, then hit the Calculate Estimate button.  It's that easy.   Remember, some services are priced depending on the amount of work needed. If you like the price and you plan on getting the work done contact us:jbrown9493@aol.com for a more accurate estimate, I will be glad to talk with you.

To get your square footage, multiply the length times the width. Thanks and have fun.

You will notice a question about micro-topping. Some concrete floors are not a candidate for acid staining due to damage and other contributing factors. We can put a micro-topping on your floor which will create a new surface that can be scored and stained.

By clicking the boxes below is assumed the answer "YES".

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Square Footage(carpet,harwood etc...) to remove                                

Square footage of concrete to stain                         

Length in ft-wall,prep & tape for protection               

Length of tack strips to remove & repair                  

Square footage of area needing micro-topping   

Two colors?                                                

Furniture to move?                            

Is there much paint & glue on the concrete?                              

New Concrete?                   

scoring needed?