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  How to Make Your Own Faux Boulder Mix

We're not meaning to take away from other online stores, however, if you're a go getter and would like to begin making your own decorative concrete products, then this is the place for you.

Faux Boulder Mix

Faux Boulder Mix is pretty much the

same as shape mix.

It is used establish the main shape of the boulder(s).The mix design is one thing but the technique is important too.The boulder mix is used to create waterfalls, theme park objects and them some. The skelital system used to be used from broken up concrete but now can be just about anything from a bale of hay to a plywood form. The boulder mix is a styrofaom-portland cement-and other ingredient mix. The manual comes in a standalone manual or in an ebook or package with other manuals. Go to our store catalog and get yours today.



If you're wanting to purchase more than one manual, contact us for a quote or

Go Here for more information on

the boulder mix manual.

Learning the business has never been so easy. Save thousands. If you're a contractor using a lot of a certain product,you will save thousands by making your own product.

We show you what raw material is needed, how and what to mix or blend, msds, technical information and use information..

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